Can I recycle this...?

Can I recycle this...?

Whilst the first step we should be taking is to avoid single-use and even recyclable plastics altogether (remembering the recycling process itself has a large footprint) sadly this is almost impossible in the current environment. Before putting something in your general waste, ask yourself:

  1. Can I or someone else reuse/repurpose it? For example I clean out plastic food trays and use them as plant trays. I have loads of pots but none of the saucers.
  2. Can I compost it?

If it really needs to go, this is a fantastic website, where you can find where to recycle all sorts of different items:

If you have a choice between a Terracycle or a supermarket drop-off, I would recommend a Terracycle drop-off as points are earned which are converted into donations to charities.

Don't forget your carbon footprint and end up driving miles to drop-off a couple of plastic items. If you can store up your items, combine it with another journey in the same area or choose a more local option. 

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