We are on a journey to reduce our own personal carbon footprint and would like you to join us.  We can all start to make changes now.  Whether you tell others, change the way you think about the environment, use our products or make your own, it all counts. 

Change the norm and turn the climate nightmare into a green dream.

What are we doing?

In order to reduce our footprint we are:

- Switching products to eco-friendly alternatives.

- Buying products in bulk to reduce packaging.

- Ensuring that any bulk containers can be recycled or repurposed. 

- Changing our buying habits taking into account environmental factors e.g. footprint, packaging, ingredients etc. 

- Members of TerraCycle which offers programmes to recycle more hard-to-recycle types of waste. 

- Offering a local refill service and eco-friendly products nationwide.


We use Ethical Consumer ratings to decide which products to buy.  They are an independent, not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder cooperative. 

They have developed an ethical rating system based on detailed research of over 40,000 companies, brands and products.  They rate companies based on 5 main categories: environment, sustainability, animals, people and politics.

For this reason, we do not stock mainstream eco and cruelty-free brands Ecover and Method who were bought by SC Johnson – a US company that openly admits to testing on animals and owns other non Naturewatch-endorsed household cleaning brands such as Duck, Shout, Glade, Pledge and Windex.

Our products

It's currently unrealistic to think we can be 100% eco-friendly and plastic-free tomorrow, but we can make a start.  Some changes are easy and will have little or no impact on our daily lives: from reusing existing plastics and reducing harmful chemicals in our home to car-sharing or using public transport. We aim to help this transition.