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If You Care

If You Care - Sponge Cloths (Pack of 5)

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This sponge cloth can absorb more than 20 times its own weight in liquid, the 100% natural cloth is made from a blend of cellulose and non GMO unbleached cotton from renewable sources, meaning with 1 cloth replacing up to 15 rolls of paper towels, you can help towards a clean environment whilst working towards a clean house. The cloths are certified compostable and packaging is made from corn starch which is also certified compostable, leading to a further reduction in waste, greenhouse gasses and diversion from landfill.

The durable sponge cloth leaves no streaks, is tear resistant and can be washed in water up to 88oC up to 300 times.

Approximate size: 20cm x 17cm 

Do not use chlorine or bleach products with cloth.

After washing, leave to air dry. Do not tumble dry.

Green Credentials

  • Made in Germany
  • Vegan
  • Sustainable
  • Recycled
  • BPA and Triclosan Free
  • FSC Certified
  • No animal testing