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By-Catch Recycled Ocean Plastic Folding Litter Picker

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NOTE: These litter pickers have cosmetic imperfections, including misprinted logos and scratched recycled aluminium shafts, however this does not effect their functionality. You will receive a fully working folding litter picker with a random cosmetic imperfection.

These recycled ocean plastic litter pickers were designed as a concept to demonstrate circular economy solutions and to inspire and enable people to take positive action against plastic pollution.

This unit features a handle, trigger and jaw made from 100% recycled plastic from fishing nets and lines. The grabbers also feature a magnetic tip for easy collection of bottle caps and small metal objects. These folding units were designed to be portable and carried in your backpack ready to inspire you to take positive individual action whenever, wherever.  

Length options: 

  • 26"  This model folds out to a length of 66cm (26″) which provides an adequate reach requiring most adult users to bend just an inch or two when picking items.
  • 32"

Recycled Ocean Plastic Components: The handles, triggers and jaws contain 0% virgin plastics, 100% recycled fishing nets that were collected from end-of-life net amnesty schemes, beach cleans and dive based ghost gear recoveries.

By creating equipment to inspire and enable action against plastic pollution, we can multiply the overall positive impact: waste fishing gear is collected and recycled to produce the product itself, but with your help, it can go on to remove much more plastic from the environment.


  • Handle, trigger, jaw and hinge – 100% recycled fishing nets (polypropylene)
  • Shaft – Aluminium
  • String – Nylon
  • Gripper – Rubber